English has become the international language for conferences. Busy scientists and engineers have more important things to do than learning all the intricacies of the language. In our oral coaching sessions, we train you to present confidently and authoritatively even though English is not your native language.

Our typical sessions are spread over several days at the client's workplace. Professionals give sample talks, which we evaluate, stressing the positive aspects and suggesting ways to increase effectiveness. We then model effective presentation styles and discuss speaking methods. Clients then use the suggestions to modify their sample talks, which we again evaluate, noting the improvements.

Coaching on oral presentation skills is team-taught by Dr. Solomon and Dr. Folsom. Dr. Solomon takes the lead on life science topics. Dr. Folsom leads sessions that are technology-based.

The methods that we use are those of Toastmasters International (TI), with a technical emphasis. We encourage the use of TI's self-help method as a continuation to our training. Both Dr. Solomon and Dr. Folsom have achieved the rank of Able Toastmasters in TI.

Empowering Women in Science

Dr. Solomon has been recognized as a Fellow of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) for “significant contributions to the mission of AWIS by promoting women in science through scholarship, leadership, education, mentoring, advocacy, or service.”..As a founder of the Seattle chapter of AWIS, she has served the chapter in a variety of leadership roles including President, founder and chair of a scholarship program for undergraduate women, chapter and National AWIS Board member, and mentor to many women and girls interested in science careers.

Dr. Solomon has given presentations on her career path as an environmental biologist at women in science conferences in the U.S., France, and Japan. She is enthusiastic about speaking to groups on the topics of environmental careers, advice from her career, and networking skills for women in science.